Turkey Lean Cuisine Dishes


Offering up far less fat content than most other meats, including chicken, turkey is quickly becoming the white meat of choice for people who want to eat healthily while still maintaining a carnivorous diet. Besides being naturally lean and wonderfully flavorful, turkey also offers up a good amount of calcium and protein, while simultaneously being lower in cholesterol, sodium, and calories than other meats.

Unfortunately, we don’t all have the time to cook a whole turkey on a regular basis, nor the money to keep our fridge stocked with pre-cooked turkey at all times. Luckily, though, Lean Cuisine offers just what you need to fit both your diet and your wallet; here are three turkey Lean Cuisine dishes:

1. Lean Cuisine Roasted Turkey Breast

Looking and tasting as if it had come fresh from your oven – as opposed to your microwave – Lean Cuisine’s Roasted Turkey Breast meal provides you with a generous helping of tender slices of lightly roasted turkey tenderloins, served up with a side of traditional stuffing, whipped potatoes, healthy green beans, and even a dollop of cranberries to give you all of the goodness of a homecooked meal. A side of gravy is also included, helping you to moisten the entire meal, even when you’re eating on the go and don’t have access to condiments!

2. Lean Cuisine Roasted Turkey and Vegetables


Like our first entry, Lean Cuisine Roasted Turkey and Vegetables offers up juicy roasted tenderloins that are so good, you’ll not believe that they just made their way out of your microwave! The tenderloins are served up with a side of gravy, moist and healthy green beans, a heap of cranberries to give you that home cooked feeling, and even slivered almonds to throw on top, giving you an extra dose of protein and beneficial oils.

3. Lean Cuisine Glazed Turkey Tenderloins


Coming in as out of the ordinary where turkey meals are concerned, Lean Cuisine’s Glazed Turkey Tenderloins provides you with a helping of juicy white meat turkey that has been lightly glazed to give it a sweet, delicious taste! Alongside the glazed tenderloins, you’ll enjoy a large dollop of creamy whipped potatoes, and a full-sized side of dressing; whether you eat it bit by bit, or mash it all up together, you’ll think you’re eating something that’s come straight from your oven, with the homemade nutrition there to back up the taste!

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