Feb 14

7 Healthy Sushi Rolls


Trying to eat healthy meals can often leave dieters craving forbidden foods. Many of these savory, sweet, or salty dishes are labeled as comfort foods. Most comfort foods contain high levels of sodium, sugar, or fat and can sabotage an otherwise successful diet. Healthy sushi rolls have all the appearance of comfort foods, but when eaten wisely, will not wreck your personal nutrition plan.

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Oct 13

Helpful Menus for Testosterone Hungry Men


What is testosterone and what does it do?

Regardless if you have myopia or hyperopia distinguishing a man from a woman is almost always easy. Why? Simply because of the stark contrast in features each one possesses. Sure, there may be overlaps in exceptional groups like in conditions such as hirsutism but this happens very rarely.

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May 13

Lean Cuisine Rolls

Adding to their already wide selection of tasty diet-friendly frozen meals, Lean Cuisine has rolled out its new selection of rolls – no pun intended! Making for their easiest offerings yet, you’ll need nothing more than a microwave and a few minutes to enjoy a full-flavored meal on the go, with even utensils being optional!


Giving you a deep taste with every bite, and fewer calories that you could ever hope for, especially from a frozen meal, Lean Cuisine rolls are a lesson in dieting done right. Without the need to sacrifice taste, you’ll find yourself much less likely to cheat, and their pure ease as microwavable foods make them appropriate for any meal at any time of the day.

Here is a look at all four delicious varieties of Lean Cuisine rolls:

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