Nov 13

Honestly Good Lean Cuisine Dishes


When it comes to frozen dinners, Lean Cuisine takes the cake as far as taste is concerned, but their wide variety of offerings can often make it difficult to figure out which of their meals are the best of the best. With offerings including chicken, turkey, fish, beef, and even solely vegetarian meals, you’ve got a lot to choose from, and making the best choice can mean the difference between a healthy, delicious meal, or one that serves only to remind you not to buy it the next time you’re at the supermarket.

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Apr 13

Lean Cuisine Ravioli

There’s nothing quite like the distinctly Italian taste of good ravioli, but getting a taste of that creamy meal while on the go has historically meant turning to canned offerings – not exactly anyone’s idea of a delicious meal. Luckily for us, Lean Cuisine once again comes to our rescue with a full lineup of ravioli-based meals, combining haste and taste in a way that no one else can.


If you love a good dish of hot, creamy ravioli, but want to avoid unnecessary fat and calories, check out these four great Lean Cuisine Ravioli offerings:

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Apr 13

Lean Cuisine for Vegans

Microwavable meals are often to be avoided given their tendency to be full of processed junk food, but one brand of instant frozen meals has long been known to provide good eats that are a cut above the rest: Lean Cuisine. With their new partnership with Gardein, popular maker of chick’n strips and other tasty meat replacements, Lean Cuisine now offers a full line of vegetable-heavy meals that will suit any diet requirement!


No matter your taste in food, Lean Cuisine has you covered with quick and easy meals that are surprisingly good for you, even for vegans! Whether you’re looking to spice up your diet or simply need a vegan alternative to the many meat-filled microwavable meals out there, here are four great Lean Cuisine options for vegans:

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