Nov 13

Best Fitness for Lean Cuisine Diet Fans: Yoga

Best Fitness for Lean Cuisine Diet Fans: Yoga

Fans of the Lean Cuisine meals have the right idea when it comes to losing or maintaining weight. A proper diet, which means a certain number of calories per day, is a key element to staying healthy. But it is only half of the equation, and exercise is equally as crucial for remaining fit.

One of the best exercises anyone can do is yoga. Not only does it build your strength and balance, but it promotes both energy and relaxation, can aid in weight loss, improves flexibility, and has been shown to have numerous health benefits. It is also a lot of fun, so better for those who find themselves dreading a morning run or who get bored easily in the gym. Continue reading →

Oct 13

Helpful Menus for Testosterone Hungry Men


What is testosterone and what does it do?

Regardless if you have myopia or hyperopia distinguishing a man from a woman is almost always easy. Why? Simply because of the stark contrast in features each one possesses. Sure, there may be overlaps in exceptional groups like in conditions such as hirsutism but this happens very rarely.

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Sep 13

Rice Lean Cuisine Dishes


A staple of Asian diets for millennia, rice has long been a favorite in the western half of the world as well, and the people behind Lean Cuisine’s menu have most definitely taken note of this fact, providing us with a wide array of choices when it comes to delicious rice-based microwavable meals!

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Aug 13

Turkey Lean Cuisine Dishes


Offering up far less fat content than most other meats, including chicken, turkey is quickly becoming the white meat of choice for people who want to eat healthily while still maintaining a carnivorous diet. Besides being naturally lean and wonderfully flavorful, turkey also offers up a good amount of calcium and protein, while simultaneously being lower in cholesterol, sodium, and calories than other meats.

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Jul 13

Potatoes Lean Cuisine Dishes

Potatoes are a staple of many of our diets, providing us with just the tasty, heavy nourishment that we need to really hit the spot! Whether you enjoy them as a main course, or simply as a delicious side dish, potatoes make for a great meal, no matter how you choose to prepare them.


Like they do with so many other foods, Lean Cuisine really knows how to do potatoes right, and they’ve got the lineup to prove it; here are five of the best Lean Cuisine potato dishes:

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Jun 13

Lean Cuisine Breakfast


Eating breakfast on the go can be nearly impossible if taste is a concern for you – and of course it is – but Lean Cuisine’s breakfast sandwich takes all of the difficulty out of finding something reasonably healthy, well-priced, and good tasting for breakfast, even if you’ve only got a few minutes to spare!

Whether you like eggs, a bit of meat, or hearty vegetables with your first meal of the day, you’ll find that the Lean Cuisine breakfast has anything and everything that you could ask for:

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May 13

Lean Cuisine Rolls

Adding to their already wide selection of tasty diet-friendly frozen meals, Lean Cuisine has rolled out its new selection of rolls – no pun intended! Making for their easiest offerings yet, you’ll need nothing more than a microwave and a few minutes to enjoy a full-flavored meal on the go, with even utensils being optional!


Giving you a deep taste with every bite, and fewer calories that you could ever hope for, especially from a frozen meal, Lean Cuisine rolls are a lesson in dieting done right. Without the need to sacrifice taste, you’ll find yourself much less likely to cheat, and their pure ease as microwavable foods make them appropriate for any meal at any time of the day.

Here is a look at all four delicious varieties of Lean Cuisine rolls:

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Apr 13

Lean Cuisine Chick’n Strips


Whether you’re a full-fledged member of PETA, an Earth-friendly vegetarian, or even just a meat-eater who wants to limit the amount of animal fat and protein that you include in your diet, the many meat alternatives emerging in the so-called “green eating” niche give you a host of choices, one of the most popular among them being Gardein’s patented Chick’n Strips.

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Apr 13

Lean Cuisine Dishes for Kids


Lean Cuisine frozen meals have long been a smart choice for adults looking to tone down their fat intake without the need to limit taste, but even kids can get in on the tasty action if you know which meals to focus on. Whether you’re looking to cut down your child’s fat intake, or you simply need inexpensive and super easy options for meals on the go, there are several varieties of Lean Cuisine dishes that are perfect for kids!

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Apr 13

Lean Cuisine Beef Dishes

You may need to cut back on your meat intake while you’re eating light and healthy, but that doesn’t mean cutting it out altogether, rather just ensuring that the meat that you do eat is light and lean – and delicious. Thankfully, you have lots of options, even where frozen prepared meals are concerned!


No matter how you like to eat your beef, you can be sure that Lean Cuisine has more than one delicious and nutritious option for you! Here are four of the finest Lean Cuisine beef dishes available in your grocer’s freezer:

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