Lean Cuisine Meat Pizzas

Pizza is a favourite choice for a quick, easy meal for people on the go. It’s often difficult, however, to combine nutrition and convenience. When looking for a simple, inexpensive meal of pizza, you might be surprised that you can find it in your freezer instead of the end of the telephone line. Lean Cuisine meat pizzas offer a tasty alternative to traditional pizza, cutting cost, time and calories in the process. Lean Cuisine offers a variety of pizzas to satisfy meat lovers and that fit perfectly with a weight loss or healthy eating plan. Lean Cuisine offers the pizza you love with the cost and convenience you love, too.


Experience the full taste of meat pizza without the worry of what it will do to your waistline with these four Lean Cuisine meat pizzas:

1. Traditional Deluxe Pizza

Lean Cuisine’s Traditional Deluxe Pizza includes a crisping tray in order to guarantee a light crust with a distinctive crunch. The fresh taste of the tomato sauce is complemented by the traditional flavours of pepperoni, sausage and mushrooms and the addition of roasted pepper and the four-cheese blend make this a flavourful pizza worthy of meat lovers attention. The Traditional Deluxe meat pizza is a delicious way to watch calories and not feel deprived of the full taste of pizza.        

2.  Pepperoni French Bread Pizza


The French bread crust in Lean Cuisine Pepperoni Fresh Bread Pizza stays crisp in spite of the abundance of tomato sauce, pepperoni and cheese. The bread is grease-free and light and the flavours and textures blend to offer a satisfying substitute to higher-calorie bread pizzas, making this French bread crust pizza as satisfying as its restaurant equivalent without the extra fat!

3. Barbeque Recipe Chicken Wood Fire Style Pizza

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Love pizza? Love barbeque? Then you’ll be delighted with this answer to both cravings! Lean Cuisine Barbeque Recipe Chicken Wood Fire Style Pizza is a light, crispy thin crust pizza topped with white meat chicken, onions, cilantro, reduced fat mozzarella and cheddar cheeses in a tangy barbeque sauce. With only 340 calories and seven grams of fat, this pizza satisfies the cravings of pizza lovers and barbeque lovers alike.

4.  Deep Dish Three Meat Pizza


Beginning with a pleasantly chewy thick crust, Lean Cuisine Deep Dish Three Meat Pizza is smothered in plenty of tomato sauce, pepperoni, Italian sausage and spiced ground beef, all topped with a generous helping of low-fat mozzarella cheese. Satisfying and tasty, with only 390 calories, even dieters need not despair of eating pizza again with this fantastic offering!

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