Lean Cuisine Dishes for Kids


Lean Cuisine frozen meals have long been a smart choice for adults looking to tone down their fat intake without the need to limit taste, but even kids can get in on the tasty action if you know which meals to focus on. Whether you’re looking to cut down your child’s fat intake, or you simply need inexpensive and super easy options for meals on the go, there are several varieties of Lean Cuisine dishes that are perfect for kids!

Lean Cuisine for Kids: 2 Things to Keep in Mind

If you’re going to make Lean Cuisine meals a part of your child’s diet, here are two things to keep in mind:

1. Keep an Eye on Sodium

While Lean Cuisine meals are generally quite healthy, their sodium content is equivalent to what an adult should be taking in during a single meal, not a child. While the generally recommended levels of sodium for children is 1,200 to 1,500 mg per day, a single Lean Cuisine meal can contain up to 600 mg, making some varieties unsuitable for kids.

2. Kids Need Calories


Even if your child is overweight and needs to shed a few pounds, doctors always recommend that children not be placed on calorie-restricting diets, encouraging instead healthier foods and increased physical activity. Lean Cuisine options are great for kids, but they shouldn’t be used in conjunction with a forced diet.

Best Lean Cuisine Dishes For Kids

If you’re going to make Lean Cuisine a regular part of your child’s diet, you’ll need to explore the many varieties available in order to identify their favorites, but here are three dishes that they’re sure to like:


  • Lean Cuisine Macaroni and Cheese – A standard macaroni and cheese with a creamy texture and rich taste – a sure winner with any kid! This one is a little high in sodium, so insert it into the rotation sparingly.
  • Lean Cuisine Baked Chicken – Offering all the fixings of a big home-cooked meal, Lean Cuisine Baked Chicken provides a portion of white meat chicken, along with a side of red-skinned mashed potatoes and a hearty savory dressing.
  • Lean Cuisine Cranberry and Chicken Salad – The wonderful medley of cranberries, broccoli, red onions, and yellow carrots atop a generous portion of grilled white meat chicken, and doused with a sweet raspberry vinaigrette will remind your kids just how delicious vegetables are, making Lean Cuisine Cranberry and Chicken Salad a valuable tool in your dietary arsenal!

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