Lean Cuisine Beef Dishes

You may need to cut back on your meat intake while you’re eating light and healthy, but that doesn’t mean cutting it out altogether, rather just ensuring that the meat that you do eat is light and lean – and delicious. Thankfully, you have lots of options, even where frozen prepared meals are concerned!


No matter how you like to eat your beef, you can be sure that Lean Cuisine has more than one delicious and nutritious option for you! Here are four of the finest Lean Cuisine beef dishes available in your grocer’s freezer:

1. Lean Cuisine Beef and Broccoli

Providing a full, hearty meal, Lean Cuisine’s Beef and Broccoli dish serves up a generous helping of tender beef strips, along with a side of vegetables that includes broccoli, carrots, and juicy water chestnuts, all tossed in a rich and thick Asian-style sauce.

If you need to quell a serious appetite, this is one frozen offering that should be high on your list of possibilities!

2. Lean Cuisine Ginger Beef Stir Fry


Looking for a unique spin on the familiar taste of beef? Lean Cuisine’s Ginger Beef Stir Fry is the meal for you! Resting on a bed of long-grain white rice and aromatic sauce, you’ll find thinly sliced beef tossed with carrots and broccoli, all with a hint of ginger, making for a delicious meal with a taste that can only be replicated at home, and not anywhere else in your grocer’s freezer!

3. Lean Cuisine Steak Tips Portobello


Are you picking up something of a trend here with the constant combination of beef and broccoli? As we all know, no other meat and vegetable combination is quite as delicious or healthy, and Lean Cuisine brings that premise to perfection with their Steak Tips Portobello dish.

Featuring a hefty side of delicious and super-healthy steamed broccoli, you’ll find an equally large portion of tender beef smothered in a savory beef sauce, making for a standard meal that you never knew could taste so complexly wonderful!

4. Lean Cuisine Classic Beef Stroganoff with Pasta


If pasta is your thing, check out Lean Cuisine Classic Beef Stroganoff with Pasta, a meal that promises to fill your belly and sate your tastebuds! This stroganoff consists of a full serving of curly pasta in a light tomato sauce, with juicy strips of lean beef and a generous dollop of veggies to be found throughout, making for a meaty meal with a healthy twist.

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