Can You Lose Weight by Eating Lean Cuisine

You’ve seen them countless times before, diets promising to help you lose weight. All you have to do is hand over your credit card information and your weekly supply of prepackaged foods for you to consume.

So can you lose weight off these lean cuisines?

Prepackaged Diet Foods

The benefits of Lean Cuisine meals are enjoyed by many as the meals are rich in nutrients and low in calories. It also takes the stress out of counting calories for many as they are clearly printed on each meal. Diet programs that include prepackaged meals are comparable to options like NutriSystem which are high in price.


As we said before, there are quite a few benefits which are mainly time saving. It is also great for those watching their intakes as the meals are already portioned out and it can help in the transition of eating less.


The major drawbacks of prepackaged meals are the lack of variety and the sodium content (used as a preservative). Also, there are few guidelines to follow and so people who embark on a program like this will have to guide themselves.

Because of the high sodium amount in many of the meals, it defeats the purpose of being a healthy option as high sodium can lead to anything from high blood pressure to diabetes and more weight problems.

The Solution

While you can lose weight with a Lean Cuisine diet plan, you should remember that prepackaged foods are not all there is to dieting. Proper nutrition is very important and you should have a balanced serving of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Water intake is something you will need to keep up with as proper weight loss will be hard without the right amount of water being consumed. Last but not least you want to add moderation and exercise to the equation.

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