7 Healthy Sushi Rolls


Trying to eat healthy meals can often leave dieters craving forbidden foods. Many of these savory, sweet, or salty dishes are labeled as comfort foods. Most comfort foods contain high levels of sodium, sugar, or fat and can sabotage an otherwise successful diet. Healthy sushi rolls have all the appearance of comfort foods, but when eaten wisely, will not wreck your personal nutrition plan.

Love of Sushi

Many Americans have come to love Japanese inspired cuisine, including sushi. Even though many fish have a high fat content, it is good fat. Adding healthy sushi rolls to your lifestyle can insert some missing culinary variety to typical, plain diet fare. Here are 7 of the most healthy sushi rolls that are both tasty and good for you:

  • Cucumber Roll: 136 Calories, 0g fat

This crunchy roll is great at satisfying a quick craving, easy to make at home, and contains the fewest calories and least fat of any other sushi.

  • Avocado Roll: 140 calories, 5g fat

Many people could use more avocados in their lives, which makes this a perfect sushi choice.

  • Mackerel Roll: 232 calories, 2g fat

Although mackerel is not a fan favorite, white fishes have much less fat than other options like salmon or tuna.

  • California Roll: 255 Calories, 7g fat

This is not only a great choice for sushi beginners, but most California Rolls are made using imitation crab, which limits the fat content.

  • Spicy Tuna Roll: 290 calories, 11g fat

Many people love the flavor punch of spicy tuna, but it is made using mayonnaise, so it is best to limit eating these. Although the mayo has undesirable fat, tuna is packed with good fish fats that are great for your health.

  • Salmon and Avocado Roll: 304 calories, 9g fat

The combination of both salmon and avocado makes this roll an excellent choice for people who need more omega-3 fatty acids. This roll combined with a cucumber roll can satisfy your appetite and provide essential nutrients.

  • Rainbow Roll: 330 calories, 8g fat

Even though this roll is on the top of the calorie scale, the relatively low calories and fat make this the only truly healthy “fancy” roll.

General Guidelines

You may notice that your favorite roll is not listed here, that is probably because it falls outside of basic healthy sushi guidelines. As a rule, you should avoid anything tempura, cream cheese, or fancy. If you absolutely must have your favorite calorie-infused roll, such as shrimp tempura, try finding a sushi conveyor-belt bar in your area. This way you can limit the amount of eel, tempura and cream cheese rolls you have to only one piece, while eating as many healthy sushi rolls, like cucumber and avocado, as you like.

Smart Sushi Decisions

Keep your rolls nutritious by using reduced-sodium soy sauce or skipping added sauce all together. If you are still hungry after eating only one or two types of rolls, start your meal with a green salad or tasty miso soup. Find a restaurant that takes sushi nutrition seriously and uses only the freshest and tastiest ingredients. When fish and vegetables taste good without extra sauces, you can make eating healthy sushi rolls your go-to diet food indulgence.

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